Funds are sourced from a database of 60-plus more conventional lenders, that have a proven track record of lending to small Microcap cap companies.


The database was created by a team led by the former Chairman of a publicly traded

company,one whose market capital grew from around $150,000 to over $1Billion under his guidance.


The database is very effective and does work, when sharing the list of financial lenders with the me, the former Chairman, said “the list is rotationally full of money”, translated, it just depends on the given day, any one of the 65-plus institutions could have money with a need to get it lent out.    


It depends on application completion, use of funds, market capitalization & etc. with the legwork and phone work by can bring about a quick processing and funding with a high degree of success.


Companies please contact us via email for the application form to begin the process at no obligation or fees for consultation.

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